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Cars must meet eligibility requirements to be shared on the Avail platform. First-time Avail owners will receive a one-time, $200 sign-up bonus after their listing has reached a minimum listing duration of 7 days. Cars that are deemed unfit to list or do not meet a 7 day listing duration on Avail’s platform will not be eligible for the sign-up bonus. List now, drop off any time.

Earn passive income by sharing your car in Denver

Make money when you’re on vacation, out of town for work or just not using your car everyday. If you don’t need to drive, share your car with Avail and earn extra cash.
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Car sharing made simple

We manage all the little details so that the money you earn is truly passive.

Make easy money.
Park for free.

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Earn up to $25/day, depending on your car class, when your car is borrowed.*
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Park for free while your car is listed for sharing.
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You're guaranteed to earn at least $50 for every 7 consecutive days your car is listed with Avail.**
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The Denver skyline

Share your car worry free

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Allstate insurance coverage is included on every trip.
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Drivers are pre-screened and must meet eligibility requirements to borrow a car.
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Cars are cleaned and inspected after every borrower.

How car sharing works


Check that your car meets our qualifications to be accepted.

Create an account. Pick a convenient Avail location to share your car and list it for at least 5 consecutive days.

Remove your possessions from your car, head to the lot, park in an Avail space and drop your keys in the key box.

We share your car with drivers. You earn money.

You sign up.
We take it from there.

Leave your keys with us and come back to a clean car and easy money. We manage the details from borrower screenings through key exchange and payment processing to make sharing seamless.

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We keep your car and keys secure
Graphic of people driving in a car.
We list your car to be borrowed
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We pre-screen drivers
Graphic of keys.
We hand off and collect your keys
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We collect and manage payment
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We cover select maintenance for qualifying cars

Is your car ready to earn?

All cars shared on Avail must meet these guidelines:
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An automatic transmission
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A gas-powered or hybrid engine
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Less than 125,000 miles
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A valid, up-to-date registration
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Model year 2014 or newer
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No visible damage or major maintenance issues
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No open recalls
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Insurance coverage that meets your state minimum requirement
Note: Electric vehicles are not eligible for sharing at any location. Subcompact vehicles are not eligible for sharing in the Avail Plus program.

Read our reviews

Quotation marks
I love Avail! Both as a renter and as a vehicle owner. They go above and beyond for both services and are always friendly, quick and helpful!
Jaycie S.
Quotation marks
Awesome car rental company with wonderful customer service. I especially like that I can rent my car out there when I leave town for extended periods of time. They always take great care of the cars & customers. Highly recommend!
Kimberly T.
Quotation marks
I can’t say enough positive things about Avail. My car has been borrowed around a dozen times now and it’s always been returned in spotless condition. [...] I recommend their service to anyone.
Emily F.
Quotation marks
I love Avail car sharing. [...] My car gets washed, vacuumed and all around cleaned before I pick it up. On top of that, if it gets used I get paid. I feel safe using it because it’s affiliated with Allstate insurance. If something happens, I know I’m covered.
Charlotte L.
Quotation marks
Avail always takes care of me and my car! Love this service.
Erika V.
Quotation marks
I signed up to share my vehicle and I am blown away by how well they treated my car while I was gone. My car is clean, sanitized and running as well as it did before. I trust them and would definitely and WILL be working with them again.
Daryl W.
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Frequently asked questionsFAQ

How much money will I earn?
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You're guaranteed to earn at least $50/week after you share your car for 7 consecutive days. You don't have to share your eligible car in 7-day increments, though. No matter how long you share past the 5-day minimum, your guaranteed earnings will be prorated accordingly ($7.14/day). 

When your eligible car is borrowed, you’ll earn a fixed amount each day based on your car’s class. Standard cars, mid-size SUVs and vans earn $20 per day and large SUVs earn $25 per day. This fixed daily earnings will count toward your guaranteed amount. If your car is not borrowed during your sharing period, you will still make your guaranteed amount. If your car is frequently borrowed during your sharing period, you can earn more than your guaranteed amount.

What are some examples of the payout?
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Here are a few examples of how this works:

Example 1: If you list your eligible car to be shared for 5 days and you earn $20 from borrower trips during that time, you’ll make a prorated guarantee of $35.71.

Example 2: If you list your eligible car to be shared for 7 days and earn $0 from borrower trips during that time, you’ll still earn $50 in guaranteed income.

Example 3: If you list your eligible car to be shared for 28 days and earn $400 from borrower trips during that time, you’ve surpassed your minimum guaranteed earnings, and you'll earn $400.

Guaranteed earnings are paid out per eligible car and are set automatically per sharing period. If you share for 28 consecutive days, you can expect your automatic payment to be sent on day 29.

Is there a minimum or maximum listing length?
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You must be able to share your car for a minimum of 5 consecutive days. There is no limit on how long you can share.

Do I need to do anything before I share my eligible car?
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Create an Avail account and schedule your car to be listed for sharing for at least 5 consecutive days. Then, remove your personal items from your car, park in a designated Avail parking space and leave your keys in our key box — we'll handle the rest. We facilitate sharing, insurance, cleaning and customer service, so the money you earn is truly passive.

Avail shall not be responsible for items left, stored, or transported in or on the car at the time of sharing.

How do I get paid?
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We'll make your earnings available in your Avail account each time after your eligible car is shared and at the end of your sharing period if you haven’t already met your guarantee. Owners who list their eligible car to be shared for more than 28 consecutive days will receive their guaranteed earnings payout on day 29, and again at the end of their sharing reservation or after the next 28-day period if they share for multiple months.

You can then transfer the funds from your Avail account to your bank account at any time.

Does Avail offer insurance coverage?
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Every trip on Avail is covered up to $1 million in insurance from Allstate, along with roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support.

How do I qualify for select maintenance coverage?
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You may choose to have a qualifying third-party inspection to be eligible for complimentary routine maintenance coverage, including oil and filter changes, transmission and differential fluid changes and some wear and tear items such as tires and brakes. Coverage will be based on mileage accrued while the vehicle is listed on the Avail platform. Those who choose not to receive an inspection can still share their car, but won’t receive any routine maintenance coverage.

How does the inspection process work?
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You’ll be responsible for scheduling an inspection with Pep Boys and driving your car to and from the appointment, as well as paying the $49.99 fee. You’ll need to tell Pep Boys you are receiving an inspection for Avail and email your completed inspection to 

Currently, third-party inspections can only be performed by Pep Boys. We’re working to add more partners and expand ways to receive a qualified inspection.

Can I change my sharing dates?
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Yes. Go to “Reservations” in your Avail account to change your sharing dates.

Who will be driving my car?
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Someone like you. They may be local or from out of town. No matter where they're from, we always pre-screen the drivers who borrow with Avail. Additionally, every driver on Avail must be 21+, pass a motor vehicle record check and have a valid U.S. driver’s license.

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*In addition to the guaranteed earnings, owners will earn a fixed amount each day their eligible car is booked on the Avail platform based on the car’s class. Standard cars, mid-size SUVs and vans earn $20 per day and large SUVs earn $25 per day. This fixed daily earnings counts toward the guaranteed amount. If the car is not borrowed during the sharing period, owners will still earn the guaranteed amount. If the car is frequently borrowed during the owner’s sharing period, the owner can earn more than the guaranteed amount.

**Owners who share at neighborhood locations are guaranteed to earn at least $50/week when their eligible car is shared for 7 consecutive days. If you list your car for the minimum sharing length of 5 consecutive days, you’ll earn a prorated guaranteed amount of $35.71.