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Get active: Denver
July 8, 2021

Best outdoor activities in Denver

Most people coming to Denver are looking to get active by getting out into the seemingly endless mountains, rivers, and wilderness surrounding the Rocky Mountains. In fact, there aren’t too many things you can’t do in Denver. Overwhelmed by choice? Here are some of our top picks on where to get active in Denver.

Washington Park

Start your workout easy in the city and go for a jog or bike ride around Washington Park. This serene and popping greenspace is on the southeast side of town. There are two small lakes, which are great to warm up your rowing muscles before venturing outside into more rugged terrain. Looking to get a bit more out of your workout? Get outside the park and into the surrounding neighborhood (also called Washington Park) to scope out plenty of spots for a post-workout treat.

Platte River Trail

The Platte River Trail stretches 28 miles and winds through Denver’s urban landscape up on through to suburban grasslands and plains. The Rocky Mountains are a constant backdrop, and there are tons of access points, turnarounds, and pit stops along the way. The Platte River Trail makes for an excellent, scenic bike ride or a long run. Cool off at any point by taking a dip in the lively and refreshing Platte River. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Just an hour and a half away from Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park serves as a rugged playground for Denver’s most extreme athletes, weekend warriors, and casual nature enthusiasts alike. Rocky Mountain National Park offers hiking, biking, fishing, and climbing in a mostly untouched, raw wilderness setting. Watch out for the big-horned sheep, elk, mule deer, and marmots that roam the landscape. If you’re planning on visiting, make sure you check weather conditions and plan ahead–reservations often need to be made far in advance. 

Staunton State Park

If Rocky Mountain National Park is too crowded or too rugged, try Staunton State Park. This beautiful, rocky state park has a lot of the same activities, wildlife, and landscapes of the Rockies, but is slightly more approachable and accessible. One other advantage is that Staunton State Park is pet friendly and allows dogs on the trails (national parks do not). Staunton State Park has 25 walk-in campsites and can be a great option if other campgrounds are crowded at larger parks. 

Red Rocks

What trip to Denver would be complete without a pilgrimage to Red Rocks Amphitheater? Red Rocks isn’t just for music–there are incredibly popular, mass yoga classes that take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 7am. Heads up–tickets are around $50 but the experience is worth doing at least once. Looking for something free? The legendary concert venue itself is located amidst a larger natural park that’s free to access and has tons of great hiking trails.

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