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The best tour companies and travel tips for women
November 15, 2022

The best tour companies and travel tips for women

Are you eager to explore new destinations, but want to do it in the company of other female travelers? Whether you’re traveling alone as a woman or planning a trip with friends, there are many companies offering tours exclusively for women so you can meet new people on the road and visit some of the best places for female travelers. Here are a few of our favorite travel companies to consider, plus some tips to follow once it’s time to start your adventure. 

5 best solo female travel groups


Damesly offers both women-only group tours and customized travel itineraries for those ages 21+. Join a boutique trip with Damesly to go on safari in Kenya, swim in waterfalls in Thailand or explore the Silk Road in Uzbekistan. While many destinations are abroad, Damesly also offers group tours in the U.S. A trip to the Grand Canyon, for instance, also includes a photography workshop so you can learn a new skill and return home with pro-level photos. 

Three hikers with backpacks and walking sticks, who have their back toward the camera, are standing at the edge of a cliff holding raised hands.


This is a top pick, as the company was named one of “The 15 Best Tour Operators” by Travel+Leisure in 2022. With 40 years of experience organizing female travel itineraries, AdventureWomen focuses on small-group trips that average 12 to 14 people. Tours will have you bonding with your fellow female adventurers in no time, whether you’re rafting in Oregon, trekking to Machu Picchu or cruising around the Croatian islands. 

REI Adventures Women’s Tour and Trips

Not only can you shop for your outdoor gear at REI, but you can also join a solo female travel group. From backpacking at Joshua Tree to ziplining through the Great Smoky Mountains, there are lots of options for a variety of budgets. Plus, REI members enjoy a significant discount on the cost of the trip.

Five women in staggered positions hold a seated yoga pose with crossed legs and fingers in the ohm position resting on their knees.

Fit & Fly

If you prefer a more relaxing trip instead of an outdoor adventure, consider Fit & Fly. This company provides women-only fitness, wellness and cultural retreats that include activities like mindfulness training, yoga practice, group excursions and spa time. You can expect to stay in top-tier accommodations on a Fit & Fly retreat. A Palm Springs trip, for instance, took place at the Avalon Hotels & Bungalows, a boutique, full-service hotel. 

Adventures in Good Company

Adventures in Good Company provides tours across the globe, including plenty of offerings in the U.S. In fact, there are so many enticing domestic trips on offer that you may decide to keep your passport tucked away for a while. Go paddling in the San Juan Islands, biking along the Potomac River, wine tasting in Georgia, hiking on the Appalachian Trail or stargazing in Death Valley. There are so many destinations available that you could choose one that is within driving distance of your home. 

3 tips for traveling alone as a woman

While searching for the best places to travel alone in the U.S. for females, keep these three tips in mind. 

Plan ahead

You can leave room for spontaneity, but as a solo female traveler, it’s especially wise to plan the core logistics of your trip in advance. Book rental cars and hotel rooms ahead of time when possible so you won’t have to settle for what’s available last minute. You’ll be able to read reviews about safety and reliability and choose the accommodations that suit your needs so you feel comfortable every step of the way. 

Keep your travel details private

It’s fun to get chatty with strangers on a trip, but be wary of giving out details about where you’re staying, talking about the expensive DSLR you brought or sharing similar information that could make you a target. Most people are trustworthy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re traveling solo (or even with a few friends). 

Ease into major travel

When you’re just starting out as a female solo traveler, you don’t have to pick an exotic international destination to prove yourself. Start off with a more manageable domestic trip. It’s likely there are plenty of regions of the U.S. you have yet to explore, and visiting those areas is the perfect way to gain some travel experience, either by yourself or with a group. 

Bottom line

Booking a women’s travel tour opens the door to new experiences and lasting friendships. Being part of a tour group can give you the confidence and company you need to have the vacation of a lifetime.